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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

6 months

Your big milestone this month is sitting on your own and you and love the freedom of being able to reach more toys.  We still need to put a pillow behind you since you tip over when you get tired or overly rambunctious while shaking a toy.  You seemed to really get the hang of sitting when Anaiyah and Arriana were here so you could watch their every move.
  • Size: You weigh 19 ½ pounds and are 27" tall.   You seem to be going through a continuous growth spurt and have gone from the 5th percentile when you were born to the 85th percentile in weight.  Your legs are adorably plump and so well padded that you didn't cry at all during your most recent shots, just a single grunt.  
  • Eating: You've got one big appetite and always finish your solids (except for a few days recently when you had a fever).  You're still eating just breakfast and dinner, but always look at me anxiously during lunch ready for a bite.  Your favorites are sweet potatoes and applesauce and you're not too impressed with green beans and peas.  I'd have to agree that pureed green vegetables are not so palatable without butter and salt!
  • Sleep: You are sleeping through the night!  Well done my darling Hux!!  Typically you go to sleep at around 7:30 and wake up around 6:00 give or take.  Mom and Dad are so well rested now and the zombie feeling every afternoon has let up.  Thank you and please keep sleeping like a champ.  
  • Play: You have so many more options now that your sitting and have figured out how to turn all the dials on your walker car toy.  You also like your little wooden animals on wheels and love to bang them around and make noise.  Your favorite activity this month has been sitting in Dad's lap while he plays fetch with Oolong and it often makes you giggle hysterically (see video).
  • Bath:  We've been busy this month with travel so you've started taking a lot of showers with Dad and love the warm water, snuggles, and chance to pull on Dad's chest hair that go along with shower time.  
Bill seems to be shrinking!

Practicing your standing
So many smiles and "mmmm" noises at meal time
Look at this huge boy of ours
So proud of your new sitting skills
All your playgroup friends
Weekend picnic time, can that smile be any cuter?
Sorry I can't help but document this moment!

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