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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

7 months

You have a bottom front tooth!  This month you've also started getting into crawling position but haven't quite figured out how to propel yourself.  You rock back and forth trying to scoot forward so likely it won't be long before we need to figure out how to install the baby gates.  You often push your chest up while you're on your belly and slide backwards.  You get further and further from your toys and sometimes end up stuck in the corner of your play area which ends in grunts and howls of frustration.   This month you've really started protesting diaper changes or being left alone while I'm changing over the laundry or running to the restroom.  
  • Size: You weigh 21 pounds and can barely fit into medium diapers which breaks my heart just a little bit.  
  • Eating: We've started giving you much thicker purees with soft chunks and you are getting the hang of chewing or maybe I should say gumming.  We've tried a mesh feeder which you enjoy but don't seem interested in holding it yourself so we'll try again in a few weeks.  
  • Sleep: You are fully transitioned to your flat crib which wasn't nearly as hard as we'd dreaded it would be.  With all the travel, teething, and new skills you've been learning we've gone through a bit of a sleep regression where about half the time you sleep through the night and half the time you wake to nurse at some point.  Luckily you usually go back to sleep on your own after these feeds.
  • Play: You are very into active play and have started rocking around in your new (to you) Jumparoo and love "walking" around while we hold your hands.  Between our apartment pool opening and our Cebu vacation, you have really gotten a lot of time in the water and enjoy kicking around and playing shark with Mom and Dad. 
  • Bath:  You take a bath while Mom takes a shower in the morning.  I put your little tub right next to me so you can play and chat while I'm watching you.  

Loads of enthusiasm for your first cart ride
All smiles despite the chilly water
Beware shark spotted
Your favorite activity at the Art Museum Children's area - knocking down the foam blocks
Painting with your good pals Ralphie and Lizzie
Clearly proud of your work
Highchair painting at home
Almost ready to crawl
You saw the big kids playing on this rocker and really wanted to give it a whirl

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