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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


As we were driving to the airport for our trip to Melbourne, Jeff and I realized that in the last 5 years since we moved overseas we've been to Australia more times than America.  It certainly feels like a second home for us!  Our flights to Melbourne couldn't have gone any smoother, Hux slept the whole way and only woke up to nurse once.  We must have used up all of our good flight karma though because the way home was a tortuous combination of 2 sick parents, a feverish baby that needed continuous soothing, baby Tylenol sadly in the checked bag, and a very unhappy toddler next to us that kept waking Hux when he did manage to get to sleep.  Needless to say we were very happy once we arrived back home!
Ready for take-off
Our #1 learning point of the trip was that we packed too much stuff and vowed to condense our packing for the next trip
Bede, Susie, and Edgar flew in for the weekend and Hux got to meet Edgar, who is 6 weeks older than him, for the first time.   If only we had audio for these pictures as the grunting back and forth between the two babies was hilarious.

The main event was the following day so we took it easy in the morning, just walking around a bit and exploring the park before dressing up and heading to the ceremony at a beautiful church close to the river.   The reception was cleverly held at the Melbourne Zoo so we got to see a tiger, elephants, orangutans, and giraffes before the party began.  Hux was the perfect wedding guest and managed to squeeze in eating, napping, dancing, and flirting with a few of the ladies.  We had a bit of a meltdown in the taxi back to our BnB, but a good friend and fellow mom informs me that it doesn't count if only 1 stranger witnesses it.  
Hux wasn't all that thrilled initially about his outfit, but he warmed up to it once we told him how handsome he looked.
The beautiful couple, Mike and Mary
Hux was mostly interested in chewing on his lip rather than seeing the elephants
Two hotties!
Jeff managed to sneak an extra piece of cake from one of the kind servers.
Quoting Jeff: Hux looking like a classic gentleman in bowtie and suspenders
Dance floor moves
The following day we woke up to a beautifully sunny day and a fantastic view of hot air balloons from our balcony.  We met Edgar and family for a late brunch, walk around the city, diaper blow out, and finished the day off with our first footy game.
I could get used to a view like this
Even with 2 experts to explain the rules, I had a bit of trouble following but apparently the home team won
On our final day, we enjoyed coffees at a highly recommended coffee shop and loved the Portland vibe without the hipster attitude.   We met up again with the Edgar clan and devoured a picnic lunch on the bank of the Yarra River where we pondered and judged a group of 20-somethings perfecting their razor scooter grinds and spins.   We capped off the day with drinks on a barge bar and brainstormed ways to get rich.  Our final goodbyes were a bit sad but fingers crossed we'll get a chance to meet again soon.
St Ali coffee shop
Cool mural close to the coffee shop
Thankfully parenthood hasn't subdued these two champs

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