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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Baby Shower Time!

Being away from family during my first pregnancy has been a little tough and certainly our wonderful friends here in Taiwan have helped in so many ways.  My close friend Mary threw me a baby shower a few weekends ago and made me feel so loved and spoiled.  We played games, drank mocktails and wine (except me), ate homemade chocolate cake, opened awesome gifts, and overall had a fantastic afternoon.
The beautiful dessert table
Chocolate cake with an elephant on top made by the extremely talented Kerri along with the diaper cake in the background 
Perhaps my favorite game of the day was guess the baby photo contest.  My mom sent over some pictures of me and I can't wait to compare once Huxley joins us.
I was almost 10 pounds at birth, eek!  
I chose this picture for the game and Jeff got it right away
Here's the photo of Jeff.  I totally thought it was one of the girls!
Yum - me eating dirt in the garden
I always loved to dress up as a kid
All the wonderful ladies!
Master of Ceremonies, Mary leading the "he said / she said game"
Can't get over how adorable this cake is!
Finally what we'd all been waiting for, cake time!
Present time :-)
Jeff's new formal attire
With just 3 weeks left until the due date, we're both super antsy with anticipation to meet little Huxley!

Getting Ready for Our New Addition

When we found out I was pregnant back in March, we were both shocked, scared, and unbelievably excited.  After trying for over 2 years, we'd just started going to a fertility clinic to look into starting IVF.  Following a few weeks of extreme nausea out of the blue, I took a pregnancy test and then bought a few more for good measure and all showed up positive.  Soon after that we heard Baby Gagatko's heartbeat for the first time and were both in tears.

Although I managed to avoid the camera for the most part, here are a few pictures throughout the pregnancy.
19 weeks - Baby Gagatko is the size of a mango
22 weeks - Jr. weighs about 1 pound
29 weeks - pineapple size and almost 3 pounds
34 weeks - up to 5 pounds and the size of a savoy cabbage
37 weeks - almost 6.5 pounds!
Jeff has been rigorously preparing for fatherhood including expanding his cooking skills for after the baby comes, singing and talking to Jr., putting together all the baby gear, picking out some cute clothes (including matching American flag Cons), eating dessert with me every night, indulging my burger cravings with enthusiasm, picking the perfect name, and offering to be the guinea pig for the breast pump when I claim its way too scary.
No "dad bod" here, he's all muscle
Still smiling after a full day of putting together baby furniture
Oolong hasn't quite embraced her upcoming role of big sister and she certainly doesn't enjoy trying on her brother's clothes