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Monday, April 17, 2017

Tane Family Visit

Last weekend Yan and Tane, who live in Hong Kong, came to visit with their two beautiful daughters and we had such a wonderful time hosting them.  Hux loved playing with the energetic girls and thrived with all the extra attention and snuggles from them.  Their visit passed way to quickly, but luckily we were able to squeeze in a great mix of activities and delicious meals.  We're already looking forward to our next reunion, hopefully in Hong Kong or Macau.

On the first day we headed to the National Art Musuem which is always impressive and amazingly FREE to everyone.  We checked out the main floor exhibits while Ariana and Hux napped in their strollers.  Next we had a fantastic lunch including bubble tea at the famous tea house, Chun Shui Tang.  After some confusion around the queuing system at the children's play area of the museum, we determined that it was a long wait and opted to head to a nearby park instead so the kids could blow off some steam.
First trip to the play ground
Anaiyah shows Hux the ropes while Arianna runs laps
Hux really wants to join the fun!
Almost had all three of them looking at the camera
The following day (Monday) Jeff had to go into work so Hux and I had a relaxing day while the Tane family explored around our neighborhood.  They kept the kids entertained with art classes, parks, shopping, and lunch at our favorite vegetarian friendly resto.  That evening we went out for a fantastic hot pot dinner coached along by Yan who kindly customized dipping sauces for each of us and not surprisingly picked the best broth of the night - miso milk.
Say hot pot!
On our last day together we headed out for brunch at Next Door Cafe so that everyone could have a break from my chia seed breakfast pudding experiments.  Afterwards we loaded up the mini van and headed to the Nike employee store where we certainly did some damage and Tane won the award for best new gear.  Afterwards we stuffed ourselves full of xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung and then headed back to the apartment for naps all around.   For the finale that evening Yan spoiled us with a delicious and healthy home cooked meal that far surpassed anything that has come out of our kitchen to date.
Brunch crew
Six dishes including chicken, fish, and lots of veggies
Ready to dig in - where is Anaiyah???

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