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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Premiere Cinema

Last weekend Jeff and I were super excited to go on our first backpacking trip here in Indonesia. The plan was to climb Gunung Ciremai with a group of backpackers called Java Lava. I scoured the stores for instant ramen without MSG and we were set for the trip. The day before we were supposed to leave we got an email that the mountian was "on fire". We still haven't figured out if that meant the volcano was erupting or if there was a forest fire. Anyhow the trip was postponed. Here's a pic of what we missed.

Luckily the trip is rescheduled so we'll get our chance to see it soon. So what was our backup plan? Do what everyone in Jakarta does and go to the movies. For under $8 each you can go to the Premiere Theater at Cinema 21. There is food and drink service and instead of chairs you get leather lazy boy recliners. Definitely not as cool as a volcano, but you can't have it all.

We saw the Born Identity and it was awesome! After the movies we tried some street food on the way home. You guessed it more Sate Ayam.

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