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Monday, September 24, 2012

Cupcake Eruption

I've been struggling with our oven since I got here. It's half the size of an American oven, the temps are in C, and it has cryptic symbols for the different settings. Also, the oven has no heating element on the bottom, just a top one so the bottom rack is always way cooler than the top rack.

Since Jeff's birthday is tomorrow, I made some cupcakes (from a box mix) today. The first batch came out looking like volcanoes with chocolate lava erupting from the center.

After some googling I decoded the mystery.
  • Fan = 3D hot air cooking
  • Fan with squiggly line = hot air grilling
  • Squiggly line = variable grill
  • Star with water drop = defrost (who defrosts in the oven???)
Since variable grilling obviously didn't work, I tried the fan setting for the second batch. I think these were somehow worse. Has anyone ever seen this?

Luckily they still taste great so we're calling them lava cakes, very fitting considering Indonesia has 167 of the World's 850 active volcanoes.

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  1. They were still good! Thanks for the great birthday!