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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

18 holes

I survived my first 18 holes of golf! Jeff and I went last Saturday and had such a good time. We went to Permata Sentul which is about an hour outside of Jakarta towards Bogor. The views were beautiful and the course was really nice. My golf game was not so pretty and the course officials had to tell us to speed up on the 5th hole, 441 meters uphill is really hard! I had a chance for par on the last hole but my putting skills failed me. I need some more practice.
My first shot, soooo nervous

Jeff didn't fair so well either, with about 12 lost balls. He was certainly hitting it far, just not quite the right direction. I'll give him credit though because the course was pretty narrow.
Go Jeff, our caddies are to the right

Our golf partners Dai and DJ
Getting outside in the fresh air outside of Jakarta was great. Having a golf cart and caddies to hand you clubs is awesome! I can see why golf is so popular here and hope to give it another shot soon.

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