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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Jeff and I have been wanting to explore Jakarta more, but our weekends end up filling up so quickly so we haven't had much of a chance. The traffic really complicates things too. This week I took a trip to Chinatown with a few other expats. First we explored a traditional market with delicacies like frogs, turtles, and sea cucumbers.

We see dried fish all over here and can't figure out if it's a snack like beef jerky or if you cook with it.

Next we walked over to a a Buddhist temple. There were so many candles and in incense sticks burning that my eyes were really stinging.

We visited a few more shops afterwards and had some delicious dim sum for lunch.

Ok I'm off for some golfing, hopefully I survive my first time playing 18 holes. :-)

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