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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Off to the market

Jeff and I have been eyeing a market that we can see from our balcony. After some wandering around, dodging motorbikes, and avoiding drainage ditches we made it on foot! It feels like we live in such a Disneyland setting where the gardeners literally sweep the grass and mop the pool deck constantly, so getting out of the complex is a welcome contrast.

Wide load
There were so many different types of bananas
Sun dried fish, so smelly!
So many stalls with veggies
We wound up buying 3 avos, 6 mangos, shallots, garlic, many hot peppers, and a tomato for under $5. I'm pretty sure we paid about double the local prices, but our bahasa is still too limited for good bargaining. The experience was well worth a few extra dollars, but I'm starting my language lessons this Wed so look out vendors! :-)

Here's some comparison prices at Ranch Market (the Whole Foods of Jakarta). 10,000 rp is about $1.
1 Budweiser = $5 (yes just 1)
1 smashed box of taquitos = $35!!!

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