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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First weekend in Jakarta

Last Friday Jeff and I met with a big group of Indonesians from his office for lunch. We went to a restaurant serving Padang food which I believe originates from West Sumatra, but seems to be very popular throughout. When you get to the restaurant, they bring out many dishes and you just pay for the ones you eat from. My favorites were the curry chicken and spice rubbed chicken. We even tried fish head and some type of brain which luckily was covered in a tasty sauce so i could try to ignore what I was actually eating.

Padang Food
One highlight of the weekend was plant shopping. There is huge market that sells tons of tropical plants and handmade pots. Jeff and I wandered around for a few hours and finally settled in on 2 for the patio and 1 for the dining room after some tough bargaining where Jeff tried to offer a vendor 20% more after misunderstanding his bahasa Indonesia. Haha we need some more practice with our numbers.

Couldn't commit to any orchids after how badly mine looked in Oregon
Relaxing by the Pool
Sunday eve Leslie invited us to tag along to her friends Lea and Dale's chili party. Lea lives in Pakabuwono also and has a great view from the balcony. It was great food, great drinks, and we got to meet some new friends. It's been a while since I woke up with a headache on a Monday morning. :-)
Hard to tell but downtown Jakarta is in the background

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