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Friday, July 20, 2012

New fruits

Whew I'm starting to settle in and try to cozy up the apartment a bit. First on the agenda is replacing the lamp in the living room.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but there's electrical tape holding it together and its bent so it leans quite a bit. Jeff picked out an awesome hanging lamp, but getting it hung up has been quite the process. I've heard this is to be expected here but hopefully soon!

Here's a picture of the guest room - please come visit! :-)

Here's our only decoration so far (miss you Vanderboms). So glad it made it safe and sound.

So far we havent gotten much exploring in, but today we're headed out. Grocery shopping has been really fun. There are so many new fruits and veggies to try. The fish selection is awesome so I'm going to have to try some new recipes. We forgot the camera, but next time we'll get some pics. We're going to get so spoiled by the tropical's sooooooo delicious.

Here's a few that we've tried so far. The first is a mangosteen. The shell is pretty hard, but once you break it open the fruit is so delicate and sweet - definitely one of my favorites so far. The one on the bottom right is a lychee.

Mangoes, kiwis, avos, and pineapple are so delicious here too. Alright headed out, we miss everyone!

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