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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice)

This post is a little overdue. Early last week I tried my first Indonesian recipe. Most of the recipes for Nasi Goreng that I've seen so far use tons of oil so this is a healthier version. I used this recipe and subbed in brown rice and pre-cooked chicken which I had on hand.
Dining on the balcony
The recipe turned out pretty tasty. The green chile peppers we bought were really mild so next time I'll try some hotter peppers or add some hot sauce.

We also tried some new fruits. Clockwise from right - Marquisa Telur Kodok (similar to passion fruit), snake fruit, and star fruit. The snake fruit looked like garlic cloves and tasted like rotten Robitussin, although Jeff didn't think it was too bad. I really liked the Indonesian passion fruit, but was a little nervous when I opened it up. Turns out that "Telur kodok” means “frog’s eggs" so the name fits!

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  1. Not too many foods that Jeffery doesn't like. LOL

    I don't know how you know what you are cooking. Is there an English translation on the sides of the spice bottles?