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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

5 months

This month you had your first babysitter and it went great for both Mom (who opted for a massage) and you (who had a personal nap assistant to rock you each time you stirred).  You haven't developed any fear of strangers yet so it was easy for you to warm up to Jasmine and you were such a good boy for her.  You are standing with support now and love to stand on the counter with Dad holding you while I'm making dinner.   Much to our joy, you love the outdoors and can spend an hour digging your feet in the grass and looking around at the trees and plants.  

  • Size: You weigh 18 ½ pounds and at 5 months we've started buying clothes for 9 months since you've been growing out of onesies and pjs faster than we can buy them.
  • Eating: You've been loving solid foods and have been eating a small "meal" for breakfast and dinner.  Breastmilk is still most of your nutrition, but it sure has been fun having you at the table with us.  You like to cluster feed in the late afternoon/evenings so introducing solids has given me a window to enjoy dinner with Dad.  So far you've tried rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes (your favorite so far), squash, pumpkin, avocados, bananas, and green beans.  
  • Sleep: You are sleeping so much better at night which coincided with starting solids.  You usually sleep around 8 hours straight and wake-up for one feed at around 3 or 4 AM.  I can typically get you back down for a few hours without too much effort.  Nap times are still much more difficult and we're trying to get into more of a schedule with 3 naps per day which are typically short ~30-45 minutes.  
  • Play: You've taken a big interest in Oolong and love to pet her and pull on her and grab onto her beard hair.  She is so sweet and gentle with you and makes sure to be nearby whenever you sit in Bumbo.  We also started a music group this month and you can usually make it through about 30 minutes before the excitement wears you out and you fall asleep in my lap enjoying all the noise.  
  • Bath:  You still love your baths and a massage afterwards.  Unfortunately your neck float is getting a little snug so we'll need to switch it up soon and move you to sitting baths.

First bites

Best buds

Dad thought this shot looked like a baby boudoir photo
Solids can be a messy endeavor
One of our favorite family activities is a picnic in the park and the weather lately has been so nice for it
Feeding the sheep at Happy Cow Ranch
Like father like son, your second pair of matching shoes
Favorite activity - standing with dad
Showing off your wheels
Our weekly brunch at Juggler, our favorite local cafe
Rainy day antics

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