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Sunday, March 5, 2017

4 Months

This month was full of many firsts - first plane ride, first time to see America, first passport stamp, first time meeting all your relatives, first jet lag, first cold, and first snow sighting.  You traveled like a champ and we are super excited to take a few more trips in the upcoming months.  You've been slowly losing your hair and are almost completely bald on top with another bald spot starting to appear in the back.  Your eyes are still baby blue and this is often the first thing that strangers comment on, especially here in Taiwan.  I love taking you to the park because there are so many people that want to say hi to you and you seem to adore all the attention.  

  • Size: You weigh 16 ½ pounds and are about 25 ½" tall.  Your 3-6 month clothes are getting really snug and I can't help being a little sad about retiring these adorable outfits.
  • Eating: You are so much faster now but becoming more and more easily distracted while nursing.  You often look up at me to get my attention for an extra smile and chat.  You are also mesmerized with anything I'm eating or drinking and can't take your eyes off it.  Our pediatrician gave you the green light to slowly start on the solids which we've been really excited for!
  • Sleep: We all struggled big time with the sleep this month likely caused by a combination of jet lag, teething, a cold, and being overstimulated by all the new activities.  Your nap and bedtime schedule were all over the map during our 3 weeks in America so its not surprising that most nights you woke 2-4 times and also had trouble getting a good nap.   
  • Play: You've begun getting tired of the same toys day in and day out and are sure to let me know when you need to mix things up a bit.  You've also taken a much bigger interest in feeling and exploring different textures and have a few books that are great for this.  We've been going to play group for a few weeks and you love charming the other moms in the group or sleeping through all of the commotion.  
  • Bath:  We've mostly stopped using the baby bath tub and now use your float ring and put you in the big bath tub.  You love to kick around somedays and other days just enjoy relaxing and floating.  

Dad is working hard on the walking practice

First snow sighting!
One of my favorite outfits
First time in a high chair at Grandma and PapPap's house
Happy Hux!
Story time with Elmo and Dad
I LOVE this sleepy face
Baby jet lag is so sad.  We had to try to keep you up during the day so you would be able to sleep at night.
A little bit of Mt Hood love from Tav and Jenny
Stylish outfit for Maya's birthday party
Goof ball

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