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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Brizzy, Rugby, and Humpback Whales

We had less than 24 hours in Brisbane, but we made the most of it with plenty of sightseeing, a rugby game, and a little shopping for my first pair of Lululemon pants. 
We couldn't resist a ride on the Wheel of Brisbane, amazing views
Brizzy lights on our way to the game
We arrived at Suncorp Stadium with just enough time to pick up our Wallabies souvenirs - a stubby holder (beer coozy) and scarf.   Unfortunately the Wallabies got creamed so a rowdy argument over seats turned out to be the most exciting part of the night.  Even though they didn't score a single try (rugby touchdown) we had a blast cheering them on. 
Singing the National Anthem - Advance Australia Fair!
5th row seats!
Continuing our journey north from Brizzy, we had to stop at the Australia Zoo on the tip that we might be able to pet a koala.
Crikey that's a big croc
Sleepy koalas
Baby croc
Feeding the wallabies
The finale - petting a koala

The next day we headed out on a whale watching trip in Hervey Bay and lucked out with a spectacular show.  There were so many calves and moms breaching, tail slapping, fin waving, rolling, backstroking, and even singing.  
Mom and calf were putting on quite the show
We were able to get so close!
Curious little guy
One set came right up to us to have a peak

Seeing the whales up close was such a breathtaking experience, definitely at the top of the trip highlights.

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