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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Australia...finally! Hunter Valley

After countless hours of quizzing our Australian friends, guide book research, Great Barrier Reef doco (documentary) viewing, Croc Dundee quoting, and “Land Down Under” singing, we were more than ready for our Oz adventure.   During all that planning we forgot one critical item - entry requirements. We had a moment of panic when notified while checking in that yes indeed American's do need a Visa to visit Oz.  Our crisis was averted with a last minute Visa application at the airport, whew! 

After landing and savoring our first breaths of fresh air, we picked up our campervan and made our way to breakfast in Surry Hills.  We could hardly contain ourselves when we saw the amazing pork options, Western portion sizes, all you can drink tap water, and berries at the market.  As we wandered around a bit, Jeff spotted a cafe with meat pies - one of the must tries on our list.  
First meat pie
As we headed out of Sydney to Hunter Valley wine country, we ooohed and awwwed over all the amazing views.  

Within 30 minutes of arriving in Hunter Valley, Jeff ran to the window yelling "Roos! Roooooooooos!" Sure enough there was a family of kangaroos hanging out in our backyard munching on grass.

We spent the next day wining and dining our way through the valley including 5 cellar doors, cheese tasting, 1 brewery, chokkie (chocolate) tasting, and a gourmet dinner.  Making up for lost times in Jakarta, we stocked up on a dozen bottles of wine to "sip" over the next few weeks of our trip. 

Blueberry Hill winery and the bluest sky we've seen in a long time
The next morning, Jeff again started shrieking about the roos.  I ran out to see an amazing round of boxing and kicking.  They can balance on their tails to kick the opponent with both feet and after all the jumping they do they've got some strong legs.  The guy on the right gave up after a good kick to the pouch.
Ultimate fighting roos
After the excitement of the morning, we packed up the campervan and headed back to the coast for the next part of our Oz next adventure.  

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