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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jakarta with Dalena

The last month has been a bit of a whirlwind between saying goodbye (for now) to some of our closest friends here in Jakarta,  joining a crossfit gym, welcoming the Voorhees clan, hosting a duel going away party for Brendan and Les, a last minute trip to Singapore, finalizing details of our upcoming Australia trip, and of course prepping for Dalena's visit to Indonesia.  Once Dalena arrived we had a limited amount of Jakarta time before we all met up in Bali which is perfect considering the few tourist attractions in the Big Durian.  We made the most of our days in Jakarta and made sure to give her a taste (and smell) of the city.

Pasar Mayestik
The look from Mom (an 11 year vegetarian) says it all
Not sure what you make with a cow foot, but apparently there's demand 
Istiqlal - The largest mosque in SE Asia, built to commemorate Indonesian independence.

Our guide said that almost 200,000 people come to the mosque on Idul Fitri.
The lines in the tiles help people line up for prayer.  
Monas National Monument 
Jakarta Cathedral
Mom rounded out her Jakarta visit with batik and ikat fabric shopping, reflexology, shopping for durian flavored dodol (sweet coconut candy), an adventurous walk on the "sidewalks", and ride in a bajaj.  

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  1. Great pics, Jessie. Looks like you're still having fun in Indonesia.