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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Amed, Bali 2013

After 3 days in the bustling city of Ubud, we headed to the quiet shores of Amed.  We found the change of pace we were hoping for and completely relaxed while taking in the beautiful sights.  Amed is known for fantastic snorkeling, one of our favorite vacation activities.  On our first day we took a boat trip to Coral Garden and Japanese Shipwreck, and they both lived up to their reputation.  This was Dalena's first time snorkeling, and she didn't let a case of seasickness stop her.  She quickly loved watching the underwater life and was a pro by the end the trip.
Double thumbs up!
So many little fish
Hard to tell, but this guy was really big
The venomous lionfish
Cuttlefish - the chameleon of the sea.  When we first saw him he tried to look like a piece of coral with thorns.  Then as he swam around he turned yellow, brown, gold, and red to blend in.  One of our favorites!
We managed to wake up one morning to see the beautiful sunrise over the ocean.  So worth it!

Amed is also famous for making gourmet sea salt.  We toured the "factory" and of course had to buy a few souvenirs.  
These ladies make me look 7 feet tall!

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