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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Orphan's Christmas

Although Christmas was very quiet this year, Jeff and I still had a very festive holiday.  We opened presents on Christmas Eve, which is typical for my family and honestly we just didn't have the willpower to wait any longer.  All of our gifts were very travel themed - new camera for Jessie, underwater camera case for Jeff, snorkels, and snorkel masks - perfect for our upcoming trip to Thailand. 
Our mini tree and gift pile
Jeff loves his new snorkel, he had enough Christmas enthusiasm to count for a few people!
Perfect fit
Jeff testing out the new underwater camera case while I test the new camera
We spent Christmas morning playing with our new toys.  I took random photos at our favorite coffee shop.
Jeff's model pose
We're definitely addicted to these delicious cappuccinos
Deep in contemplation
Next we hopped into the pool for some snorkeling and photo ops.

I hope we don't scare all the fish away with this look.
After all the fun in the pool, we drove through the flooded streets of Jakarta to join Mia and Dillan's Orphan's Christmas party.  They had a beautiful tree, Brendan's spiked eggnog, mulled wine, delicious turkey, and mass quantities of holiday side dishes and desserts.   We stuffed ourselves full of food and drink and left feeling that it was as perfect as Christmas can possibly be if you have to spend it away from family and friends back home.  Next we're off to Thailand for 10 days and hope we'll have some great photos to share in the next post.

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