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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Making an Apartment our Home

The last few weeks have been quite hectic. I've started a new job and love being back in the workplace. Cooking classes, day trips, yoga in the mornings, experimenting in the kitchen, bahasa (language) lessons, pedicures, and travel planning were fantastic, but they started to loose their glimmer after a few months. I missed having a challenge, and ended up finding many at my new job. Probably my biggest hurdle has been adjusting to a different working culture where the pace of work and urgency are different than the high paced electronics manufacturing I was used to.

Jeff and I have slowly been decorating our apartment, and we're at a stage now where we can relax and enjoy the space. We've put up new art.

Here's our new couch (Savanah), pillows, coffee table (Koi Kemang), and rug.

We had so much trouble finding a tv stand that would fit our stereo. Luckily one of the great things about Jakarta is that custom made furniture is roughly the same price as pre-made so we had this made at Puri Artha, a local store that sells to Crate and Barrel.

Scroates and Mardi Gras (our kitties) used to shred our plants, so we were excited to get these large house plants and not worry about making the kitties sick.

Our new home has come so far since we first moved in and it's such a nice feeling to be settled in!

Before picture

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