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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunda Kelapa and House Guests!

We had our first house guests last weekend!  We met Monette and Raphael on our Flores trip and invited them to see the beautiful Jakarta.  Jeff did a great job selling the city - hyping up the cheap massage, street food, and luxurious Pakubuwono pool.

First on our list was getting our apartment guest ready.  The owners have refused to move out any of their crappy furniture.  Not wanting to look like hoarders, Jeff had to strategically hide extra mattresses, couches, and broken entertainment stands throughout the apartment.  In the end it worked out great though.

On Saturday we laid low at the pool and took M & R to Bersih Sehat (our favorite cheap massage locale).  We also went out to dinner at Koi and shared the Krakatau, a flaming mountain of meringue, for dessert.

On Sunday we headed out early for North Jakarta where we visited Sunda Kelapa, a historical port of Jakarta where you can see traditional wooden sailboats.  We also stopped by a fishing dock, but were politely asked to leave by a task force of polisi, but we couldn't figure out why.

Next we headed to Kota or Old Town Jakarta where we enjoyed some refreshments at Cafe Batavia.  We walked around a bit in the central square.  You can rent colorful bikes there that all come with matching hats.

On their last night in town, Leslie joined us for wine and homecooked Indonesian food including the Gado-Gado and Ayam Rendang I learned in Indonesian cooking class.  It was so much fun having guests and Monette and Raphael said they would give Hotel Gagatko 5 stars.  We've got the room ready so who's next?  Homecooking included. :-)

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  1. 5 stars it is, jessie! i miss your chicken rendang, it was the best! :)