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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Anyer Embassy Cottage

Jeff had a 4 day weekend last week so of course we made a break for it and escaped Jakarta.  We went with a group out to Anyer, which is a small beach town that's not too far.  We've met a lively group of Aussie's in the last few months and were lucky enough to got a prestigious invite to join the fun times at the Aussie Embassy Cottage.  The accents and Aussie sayings kept us thoroughly entertained, just to mention a few:

  • chokkie bikkie - chocolate cookie (my personal favorite)
  • ranggie - redhead (short for orangutang)
  • togs/bathers -swim suit
  • mossie - mosquito
  • loo paper - tp

We spent the weekend relaxing in the pool and drinking coconuts.

Jeff got to spread his love for beersby with our Aussie pals and work on his game - look out Tav!

We did a lot of relaxing on the deck.  Here's the view from my lounge chair.

We also spoiled ourselves with massages, seafood barbecue, exploring along the beach, and good Australian wine.

With Thanksgiving and Holiday season here, it's getting a little tough being away from family.  Really small, insignificant things are wearing on me - like why is it normal to add water to soap dispensers instead of soap?    Why is there always water sprayed everywhere in the bathrooms?  Why does it take days to get my phone fixed when it is just a billing issue?  Why isn't there pre-made pie dough in Indonesia?  Yep I think I officially have one of those culture shock stages I read about.  We miss everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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