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Friday, July 28, 2017

Oregon Summer

Since we moved to Asia 5 years ago, our trips back to America have felt like a whirlwind of activity and reunions.  While we needed to pack the schedule so that we could spend as much time as possible with our loved ones, we also missed the leisurely summer days in Oregon.  We've been so lucky to travel the world the last 5 years, but we haven't yet found a place that can compete with Oregon during the summer (February in Oregon is a whole different story though).  Since our move back on July 2, we've spent our days soaking in as much of Portland's beauty as possible.

Our travel back to Oregon couldn't have gone any smoother which is really saying something when you're traveling with baby who just learned to crawl.   Since we weren't flying on our dime, Hux got his own business class seat which still seems a bit hilarious and ridiculous to me.  We were able to build a little blockaded area in our row where he could crawl around and explore all the features of the plane.  He is so active now and can't sit still for longer than a few minutes so this made the trip very close to pleasant.
We will miss you Taiwan
Hux and I clearly livin' it up in business class
We arrived back just in time for the Smith's 4th of July party and the festivities did not disappoint - homemade burgers, bubbles, wine, sparklers, a table full of desserts, and this wonderful group of ladies.
Celebrating 4th of July with old and new friends
We've spent an enormous amount of time exploring all the parks in the area around Orenco Station where we're staying temporarily until our shipment arrives from Taiwan.  Our apartment is very hot so getting outside in the evenings for picnics and play time for Hux and Oolong has kept us all happy.
No shirt, no problem for Hux
Who me proud? Dad says Hux is ready for lawn mowing duties.
Movie in the park with a special appearance by Santa and the Easter Bunny
Jeff sporting Hux's new backpack on our way to a concert at Shute Park
Waterfront park while visiting Grandma during her lunch break
Wow have we missed Oregon wines!  Luckily tasting and opportunities are readily had and much easier to manage with the help of Grandma G to babysit.  We LOVED the break from parenting, thank you Grammy!
White Rose winery with the Smith's
Going solo at a few wineries in Forest Grove 
Trying to stay cool at the Hillsboro Hops game
Stick statues at Orenco Woods park
Cuddles and botany lessons with Grandma G 
Blueberry picking with a great group of Moms and their kiddos
Sweating it up in the carrier!

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