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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Constance and Fussen

After the excitement and fresh air of the Matterhorn, we took the train to Zurich, picked up our rental car and started the road trip portion of our vacation.  Our first stop was Constance which came highly recommended by Johann and Bianka as a beautiful, relaxing lake town with a lot of historic buildings.  We loved wandering around, checking out the shops, browsing the farmer's market, and of course trying out a few beer gardens.  Speaking of beer gardens, each one we went to had non-alcoholic beer which was so much fun for me after the last 5 months of soda water at bars.  We even met up with our friends Monette and Rafael, who we met on a tiny island in Indonesia when we were visiting Komodo National Park.  It's amazing how fast time passes because we realized we hadn't seen them in 4 years yet it was so easy to pick up where we left off and they even remembered what a rebel Jeff had been in his younger days.  
Beautiful views in Constance
Day trip to Rhine Falls
Schaffhausen - I managed to carry myself and bump up to the castle lookout and certainly earned the gelato afterwards
Beer garden overlooking Lake Constance with pretzels and weisswurst
Day trip to Lake Mainau to tour some gorgeous gardens
Jeff hoofed it up the church tower in Constance to capture this panorama while I relaxed inside
Three days in Constance flew by and we next headed to Oy-Mittleburg which is a tiny town outside of Fussen with views of the Alps and easy access to Neuschwanstein Castle.
Practicing his feeding skills for when Jr. comes
Stunning views from the porch of our BnB
Selfie in front of Neuschwanstein after strong arming our way past all our fellow tourists with endless poses
Neuschwanstein inspired the Disney castle
Due to the shorter wait times we opted to tour the inside of Hohenschwangaue Castle which was certainly impressive although not quite as extravagant as the newer (and more expensive) Neuschwanstein
On our last day we took a short hike to some very old castle ruins which really brings out the kid in Jeff as he wants to explore every nook and cranny while I do my best to be patient

On our way to Munich, we made a quick stop at Church of Wies which was quite the masterpiece to see

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