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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oolong and Sun Moon Lake

After pestering Jeff for around a year about getting a dog, he finally gave in and agreed.  I've been anticipating having a dog ever since and we couldn't have been luckier with the adorable pup we adopted.  We've now had Oolong for almost a month and we're so attached and want to take her everywhere with us.

She's 9 months old and some type of terrier mix which certainly shines in her personality.  She loves going on walks, but hates getting her harness put on.   Today we let her off leash at the park for the first time and she had a blast chasing birds around and playing fetch.  She certainly plays hard but loves to nap a lot during the day.   We've been working on her training - mostly not barking and not pulling so much on the leash but she often can't control her excitement.

Such a photogenic girl.
So tired after a good walk.
She's been coming with me to Chinese class and mostly behaves herself.  :-)
She wasn't crazy about her Halloween costume at first but warmed up to it after we told her how pretty she looks.
Our first trip away with Oolong was to Sun Moon Lake.  It's a quick drive from Taichung and a beautiful place to enjoy nature.  You can rent a bike and ride around the lake, but we opted to hike a few sections with Oolong.  She even road the ferry with us and did great.   
Family portrait.
Hiking around the lake
Such great views.
Beautiful temple overlooking the lake.

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