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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Visiting Matt and Adelle

I've become a bit lazy in keeping up with the blog lately, and Jeff brought up how much he likes to read them later on.  Hearing his encouragement gave me a boost of motivation so I'm determined to catch up with the last few posts I've missed.

Our trip to visit Matt and Adelle can best be summarized in fantastic wine, great company, and delicious meals.  Jeff's video below gives an excellent depiction of the trip.

Our first stop after landing in Sydney was to head north to the beach town of Terrigal.  We took a short hike down to the beach at Bouddi National Park where Matt entertained us with his impressive sand art skills.   Terrigal was the perfect place to get sufficiently caught up with Matt and Adelle while basking in the fresh air of Australia.   Jeff and I have a bit of an obsession with Australian slang so we added "Hoon" (fast driver, can be used as a verb too - hooning around) and "Stobie Pole" (telephone pole) to our ever growing vocabulary.
Bouddi National Park hike
Friendly little lorikeet.
Adelle and I ran up to thepoint one morning, what a view!  
Drinks on the beach after a good walk along the coast
After the extended weekend in Terrigal, Matt and Adelle has some work to catch up on so we headed off for a few days in the Blue Mountains.  When we got there the air was cold and crisp and I was super thankful for my down jacket.  We spent a few days shopping around in Leura, riding the gondola at Scenic World, and snuggling up in our B&B cabin.  
Jeff and I ran to the Three Sisters viewpoint.  Jeff is not much of a morning exerciser and he adamantly accused me of ditching him on the way there claiming that he was going at his "top speed".  
From the gondola at Scenic World
On our way out of the Blue Mountain, we stopped at the Jenolan Caves which we both loved.
For our final weekend in Australia, we reconnected with Matt and Adelle and stayed with them in Canberra.  We arrived to the amazing aromas of Matt's famous lamb leg on the barbie.   The next morning Adelle took us to one of my favorite breakfast spot ever.  The coffee was spot on and we sat outside wrapped up in blankets; it almost felt like breakfast in bed with friends.  We spent Friday touring around Canberra including the War Memorial and Museum, The Parliament, and The Portrait Museum.  Our final day included an epic girls run around the lake which ended up being almost 7 miles!  Luckily we went out to a huge brunch afterwards at a cute restaurant / winery where we all devoured our food.  We're already looking forward to a reunion in late December for the Moore-Sugden wedding celebration.  
War Memorial
You can walk on top of the Parliament! 
Brunch at Poacher's Pantry with Helen
Sunset from Matt and Adelle's apartment on our last night.

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