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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hoi Ann with Tav and Jenny

After months of trip anticipation, our Hoi Ann trip with Tav and Jenny finally arrived!   The journey exceeded all expectations and everyone had a great time strolling through the lantern lit streets, savoring the amazing food, exploring temples, and having custom clothes made at the tailor.   In the evenings the streets are closed to motorbikes making the downtown area really pleasant and relaxing to wander around in.

A few friends highly recommended we take advantage of the tailor shops in Hoi Ann and get some clothes made.  
Lookin good at the tailor
We had quite a few amazingly delicious meals during our stay, including a banh mi that was so good it cracked Jeff tooth.  It made for endless hilarious jokes throughout the trip.  Luckily we already had a dentist appointment scheduled for 3 days later and he was able to get it fixed up quickly. 
Lookin really good after the banh mi!
We made our way to My Son temple, a partially ruined Hindu temple complex made from red bricks.

My Son Temple 
Searching the jungle for a missing temple
The trip finale was cooking class where we learned to make pho bo, fresh spring rolls, Vietnamese pancakes, and chicken with lemongrass.  Our favorite was the pho of course and we’ve already replicated it at home several times.  Unfortunately our 3 days in Hoi Ann flew by way to quickly, but it was an amazing trip and awesome to experience with friends. 
Making Vietnamese pancakes
Very serious students

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  1. Hi Jessie:

    I am Brian's Dad in Pennsylvania.

    You and Jeff met Brian on your recent trip to Manado and Bunaken Island. Brian already sent us a link to Jeff's underwater photos that he took while snorkeling off Bunaken Island; and they were phenomenal !!

    Brian is a bit behind in his blog, and I am hoping to bug you to post an update to your blog since I am looking to read more about that adventure and am betting you will be doing an update before Brian gets around to his update.

    I am sure your family from the West Coast misses you and Jeff as much as we miss Brian, but we really admire that sense of adventure that you have and appreciate you allowing us to live vicariously through your travels as we all say that we "wudda, cudda, shouda" traveled more in our youth.

    Best regards,
    Larry D'Apice (
    Glen Rock, PA