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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pulau Macan Birthday Party

One of Jeff's top selling points when talking up our move to Jakarta was the close proximity to the Thousand Islands.  It took a year for us to get there, but it was worth the wait!  We took a 90 minute boat ride from the stinking Jakarta pier and found ourselves on a pristine little island surrounded by clean air, clear blue water, and coral for snorkeling.  We joined a 30th birthday celebration for our friend Bede and were endlessly entertained by the antics of 16 fellow deviants.
Pulling up to Pulau Macan (Tiger Island)
To cool off, we all immediately jumped into the ocean and snorkeled around enjoying the views.

Jeff has earned quite the reputation in Beersby and never misses an opportunity to up his game.  This weekend was classed up with wine bottles since there was only canned beer on the island - aren't we sophisticated.
The staff on the island were very entertained by our group
Serious game, look at the concentration
After checking into our huts, we all opted to take a nap to recover from the previous night's libations where friends from all over the globe surprised Bede by strolling into a restaurant in Jakarta.
Can't beat this view
For sunset we cracked open the champagne and toasted to another "dirty 30" birthday as the sun went down.

Just before dinner we witnessed the most incredible, intense lightning storm.  We sat on the dock cheering and yelling as the bolts raced across the sky over the ocean.  We capped off the evening with dinner, carrot cake, and college drinking games to prove just how young we still are.

The next morning Jeff and I explored the neighboring islands on paddle boards, savoring the last few hours or the trip before heading back to Jakarta.

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