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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lombok Surprise Party

Part of living in Jakarta is you get to experience the full degree of stomach issues.  Generally people have traveler's sickness while on vacation, but Jeff and I have a pretty good track record of just the opposite.  It always amazes us that after a vacation of eating indulgent foods and drinking too much, we often come home only to be struck by Jakarta Belly Syndrome.  I was the victim last week which left me laying on the couch, daydreaming about our wonderful weekend trip to Lombok for Mia's 30th.    Miraculously her husband kept all the details secret including the full bar and blender he stuffed into his suitcase.  Mia was genuinely surprised as each person filtered into the airport or met her at the hotel.

Lombok is often called the unspoiled Bali
Jeff and I arrived earlier than the group so we got to do a little beach exploring before the party began. 

Biggest coconuts ever!

The next day was spent around the beautiful  pool at the Villa with plenty of drinking, beersby, swim races, and relaxing.
Mia's fan club
Then we went out for drinks and a group dinner capped off with a birthday song and delicious wine.

Despite feeling a bit rough the next morning, we all headed out for a group snorkeling/diving trip where we got to swim with a turtle and practice our water ballet.  

What a great trip, we can't wait to go back!

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  1. Nice Photoes and wonderful journey!!