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Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday Trip to Krakatau

For Jeff's birthday trip, we went to Krakatau this weekend. Krakatau erupted in 1883 destroying 2/3's of the island and causing a tsunami that killed over 36,000 people. The noise from the eruption is thought to be the loudest sound in recent history. In 1927 Anak (child) Krakatau emerged from the ocean and has been growing and erupting ever since.

During the boat ride we saw a group of dolphins but were too far away to get a picture unfortunately. After viewing Krakatau, we stopped at Anak (child) Krakatau for some snorkeling. It was amazing how different the coral was from what we saw at Nusa Lembongan, maybe it's from the sulfur and ash of the volcano. We even spotted a purple starfish!
Fishing boat along the way to Krakatau

Next we went looking for a place to camp. The main camping area on Anak Krakatau was crowded so we set up around the corner thinking we had found a secluded spot under the volcano. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing all the fumes right through the camp though so we packed up and headed to Mother Krakatau instead. When we got there, we were so glad we moved because the scenery was gorgeous.

We had a beautiful, lush black sand beach all to ourselves with views of Anak Krakatau smoking and steaming.

View of Anak Krakatau
Through cunning and stealth, we evaded our 4 tour guides (yes 4 guides for 2 people??) and set our tent up ourselves.  Next, we wandered around the beautiful beach for a few hours and relaxed.

We had a grilled fish dinner on the beach by the campfire. After some more relaxing, they brought out a birthday cake for Jeff and even sang to him. It was a perfect evening.

Our breakfast of champions the next morning was instant mocha coffee, white toast, and BBQ chicken flavored Kraft cheese singles. Afterwards we packed up and set off for a trek on Anak Krakatau. The hike was short but difficult because the footing was mostly volcanic ash/sand. Think hiking on the beach straight uphill.

We cooled off afterwards with some more snorkeling and tested out our waterproof camera case.

After arriving back at the dock, we shared the rest of Jeff's birthday cake with some local kids that were brave enough to practice their English with us.

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