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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Visit to Bogor

We needed a break from the city last weekend so we headed to Bogor on Saturday morning. Our first stop was the Botanical Garden which turned out to be awesome. It was so nice to walk around outside and get some fresh air. In Jakarta the sidewalks are not that great and the pollution makes it hard to walk around. Often times you have to dodge motorcycles that drive anywhere and everywhere.
Huge roots!

Largest type of bamboo

That night we tried another Gerobek with sate ayam and an Indonesian food restaurant with mie ayam (chicken with noodles).

Sunday morning we went to the Taman Safari. It's was a mix between the zoo and Disneyland. It was a little cheesy but so fun seeing all the animals up close - elephants, rhinos, monkeys, orangoutang, alligators, hippos, leopards, tigers, lions, bears, zebra, camel, giraffe, mountain goats, wildebeest, deer, capybara (giant hamster), and ostrich. I really wish my niece Morgan could have been there! She would have loved it. Luckily we were told to bring some carrots and bananas since most of the animals were waiting for handouts.

Here's the picasa link to all the pics: Bogor Trip


The zebras were such beggars!

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